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Sponge (foam) rubber extrusions
Model No.: CNT-Extrusion-Sponge04
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Complex sponge (foam) profile
Model No.: CNT-Extrusion-Sponge05
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Standard pvc strip curtain
Model No.: CNT-PSC-01
Standard PVC strip curtain have good transparency. It can stop the loss of cold air or warm air effectively and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet.
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Polar pvc strip curtain
Model No.: CNT-PSC-02
Polar grade PVC strip curtains are an option for Cold storage, Refrigerated doorways, Deli-Counters, Chiller Cabinets, Cold rooms and most retail refrigeration situations.
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Anti-insect pvc strips
Model No.: CNT-PSC-03
Insect proof PVC strip curtain made with a specially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. It is an ideal solution for anywhere that insects aren't welcome.
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Anti-static pvc strip curtain
Model No.: CNT-PSC-04
Surface electric resistance 104-106Ω;Lattice electric resistance 107-109Ω. Used for anti-static protection in processes/work site and for segregation dust-free rooms.
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Welding screen pvc strips
Model No.: CNT-PSC-05
Welding PVC strip curtain designed to protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, and spatter. Great for traffic areas where need to be accessed regularly but still require protection. Appropriate eye protection must still be worn. It will help protects workers from Welding area, Flash burns and UV light.
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Wide soft pvc sheet
Model No.: CNT-PSC-06
PVC sheet finds wide applications in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and garment industries and can be used as workbench top, machine surface and desktop.
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