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Anti-static Rubber Sheet
ESD Rubber Sheet, Conet
Model No.: CNT-RS-10
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Sponge Rubber Sheet
Sponge Rubber Sheet, Conet
Model No.: CNT-RS-11
The sponge rubber sheet can be used as heat preservation in center aircondition and refrigeration, and cusion, sound absorption etc.
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Model No.: MODEL NO.: CNT-RS-12
the Natural Wear Resistant sheet have great resistant, it usually used as the light conveyor belt and guard board, liner for metallic conduit, liner for mining equipment, plate seals, cement industry and so on.
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Model No.: MODEL NO.: CNT-RS-13
"Fiber rubber sheet" is mainly spread in the truck, it adds lots of wires and insertions, so l it have high tear resistant and wear resisting.
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fine ribbed rubber mat
fine ribbed rubber mat - Conet
Model No.: CNT-AM-01
Ribbed Rubber matting have rib on one side and find cloth impression pattern on reverse. Ribbed matting are available in various widths to suit most applications where a medium weight directional pattern is required.
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Wide ribbed rubber mat
Wide ribbed rubber sheet
Model No.: CNT-AM-02
Ideally suited for loose lay appplications for Horse box and trailer floors, Pick-up and van load beds, Car Boot mats, Car floor mats, 4x4 mats, Walkways, Dog Runs, Kennels and Cages, Cab floor mats.
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Flat ribbed rubber mat
Ribbed rubber sheet --- Conet
Model No.: CNT-AM-03
Ribbed rubber mat has good effect of anti-slip, and can be easily wiped down or taken out and washed.
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Fine&Wide ribbed rubber mat
Composite ribbed rubber mat
Model No.: CNT-AM-04
Fine and wide complex ribbed matting is our new products. They are available in various widths to suit most applications where a medium weight directional pattern is required.
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Stud / Button rubber mat
Round stud rubber mat
Model No.: CNT-AM-05
Application: Walking places that require high durability such as airport terminal and subway, ect. Places that require safety at walking such as school, hospital and facilities. Places that require sound absorption such as library, conference and halls, ect. Places that require softness when you walk such as gym, sport centre and department stores.
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Checker rubbed mat
Checker rubber mat
Model No.: CNT-AM-06
Checker matting is a general purpose rubber matting with a "check plate" pattern design on one side and a cloth impresssion pattern on the reverse. neat, attractive pattern, eaasily cut to size and shape, o-slip when wishing floor.
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