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Standard pvc strip curtain
Standard pvc strip curtain

Brief Introduction

Standard PVC strip curtain have good transparency. It can stop the loss of cold air or warm air effectively and
prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. PVC strip curtain also reduce the value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and noise pollution. When used as partition screen, they create multifunctional compartments (operating field, offices and restrooms) without taking up any space, ensuring the most effective utilization of limited space and

improving the comfort in the operation spaces and productivity.
Temperature resistance: -25℃ - 75℃.



Pale blue, Pale green, Yellow, Dark blue, Dark green, Brown ect.

We can make other colors according to customers' requirements.



1) flat 

 2) double ribbed 

Common Size

2mm X 100mm X 50m; 2mm X 200mm X 50m; 2mm X 300mm X 50m;
3mm X 200mm X 50m; 3mm X 300mm X 50m; 4mm X 400mm X 50m.



1) Very Light DutyUsed in areas with very light pedestrian traffic or fragile goods, and light industrial doorways. Light Duty, Pedestrian and pallet trolley access, for wind and dust exclusion areas. Commonly used in food processing industries and for internal wall and doorway separation.

2) Medium Dutyused in outdoor or indoor conditions where requiring contamination exclusion. Pallet trolleys, light fork lift and pedestrian use.

3) Heavy Dutyoutdoor or indoor conditions requiring significant weather/environmental exclusion and heavy/frequent pedestrian and fork lift traffic.









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