wide ribbed rubber mat
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  1. Wide Ribbed Corrugated rubber flooring offers the rare combination of excellent traction and good comfort via its wide grooves, makes for an ideal non-slip flooring application.
  2. The surface is patterned after classic industrial matting often seen in older vehicles.
  3. This product is ideal for indoor or outdoor walkways as it can withstand moisture and UV rays well.
  4. The Wide Rib corrugations, or ridges, are low profile and can help define pathways and commercial aisles.
  5. Lightweight roll of rubber aides in mobility and easy seasonal storage.
  6. These ribbed protective floor coverings are sold in variable lengths to fit any area.
Color: Black

Size: 3~8mm thick, 0.5~1.6m,1~30m.

Back Surface: Smooth or Cloth wove

Top Surface: Fine Ribbed