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Polar pvc strip curtain
Polar pvc strip curtain

Brief Introduction

Polar PVC strip curtain remain highly soft even at 45 Celsius below zero, allowing easy passing of people, vehicles and goods and effectively preventing loss of cold air. Polar PVC sheet is a good choice for save power because they do not contain electric drive. Polar door curtain do not have action component and do not produce noise during service. Cool strip has been designed from market experience and has been proved in independent tests to up to 50% of energy costs, while helping retail chill cabinets meet statutory temperature controls.
Temperature resistance: -45℃ - 60℃.



Pale blue, Pale green, Yellow, Dark blue, Dark green, Brown ect.

We can make other colors according to customers' requirements.



1) flat 

 2) double ribbed 

Common Size

2mm X 100mm X 50m; 2mm X 200mm X 50m; 2mm X 300mm X 50m;
3mm X 200mm X 50m; 3mm X 300mm X 50m; 4mm X 400mm X 50m.



Polar grade PVC strip curtains are an option for Cold storage, Refrigerated doorways, Deli-Counters, Chiller Cabinets, Cold rooms and most retail refrigeration situations.








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